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Checkups, Cleanings, & Sealants

We believe that great smiles come with great care and hence, we at Family Dental Care of Milan diligently ensures to give our patients the best of dental care by offering them with preventive and hygiene appointments.

Preventive Dentistry

A healthy and lustrous smile is the product of timely care and nurture. Hygiene appointments are routine dental checkups that we offer patients to undergo regular dental examinations, deep cleaning, cancer screenings, teeth and gum treatment. Studies reveal that effective and systematic care through hygiene appointments has helped millions of patients experience their complete smile as compared to those who failed to do so. At our practice, our staffs are prompt to remind you of routine appointments and ensure that you are at the receiving end of great dental care.

Dental Examination and Teeth Cleaning

Dental examination and cleanings are vital to ensure a healthy and functioning set of teeth. An examination would comprise of a close look into the patient's oral cavity that would help reveal signs of cavities, decay, misaligned, and bad bites. This would help the dentist to diagnose the patient's present dental condition.

Dental cleanings typically involve a combination of cleaning, and scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). Cleanings are essential as it helps rid of any potential bacterial build-up, tartar, and calculus whose presence are enough to harm teeth and gum structures. Regular exams and cleanings are sure to keep teeth safe from serious dental conditions such as deep decay and gum disease. Dental exams are also the opportunity for patients to recognize if they stand a chance for restorative dental care.

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of our preventive dentistry regime, we carry out oral cancer screening that'd help us detect signs of dental cancer. This helps patients stay informed of potential cancer risks and take necessary treatment from the start. During your cancer screening process, our expert dental team would assess hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity to locate suspicious cancerous/precancerous cells. Detection is generally carried by taking the necessary biopsies from the tissues inside the mouth. This helps dentists arrive at a proper diagnosis on the basis of which treatment would follow.

Dental Sealants

Sometimes, regular brushing don't really help reach the inner portions of the mouth and narrow grooves have always been the favourite spot for bacteria build-up. We can ensure that patients stay free from such situations with the help of dental sealants. Dental sealants are a thin coating of plastic resin that are applied onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to give them extra protection from the build of plaque and foot particles. Sealants are an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and chances of hard cavities.

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