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Flexible Metal Free Partials

Partial dentures are removable dental restorations that can replace one or more missing teeth in the lower or upper jaw. They are great restorations that serve as artificial teeth replacement if patients don't require replacement for all of their natural teeth. Partial dentures are often clasped to the adjacent teeth with metal frames, however, today metal-free partials are available that are soft on teeth and gums

Metal-free Partials

Metal-free partials are removable dentures that help replace missing one or more teeth structures. The advantage of wearing metal-free partials is that they are comfortable on skin and compatible to the tissues of the gums and teeth . They impart comfort, esthetics, and ease-of-use for patients who are sensitive to metal and prefer restorations that are removable.

What are Flexible Partials Dentures?

Flexible partials are light-weight, thermoplastic partial dentures with invisible clasps that surround existing teeth. They are a product that offers superior benefits of esthetics, function, comfort, and bio-compatibility. 

What are the features of flexible metal-free partials?

Flexible metal-free partials combine the goodness of esthetics and comfort to give you more than just a complete smile. Metal-free flexible dentures do not compromise on your overall health and physical appearance due to its amazing benefits.


Being aesthetically comfortable is a supreme quality of flexible partials. Their translucent nature blends naturally with the color of our mouth tissues and helps replace clasps


Flexible partials are light-weight, thin, and resilient with perfect fit making it comfortable and easy to use


As flexible partials are non-allergic, monomers free from harmful chemicals, it's biocompatible and perfectly suits the composition of the mouth

Valplast Partials

If you're looking for metal-free, flexible, and removable dentures, Valplast partials are the answer. Offering extreme comfort and function, Valplast partials are known to provide a higher standard of function, flexibility, and balance to support all teeth functions. 

By using a unique tissue bearing technique, Valplast partials require no prior preparation before insertion. Specially designed abrasives allow patients to make adjustments and ensure proper fit. 

Metal-free flexible partials are changing the phase of dentistry providing a convenient and hassle-free option of restoration for patients today. Come and experience complete dental care at Family Dental Care of Milan today. Call us at (731) 686-0105.

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